As I read real estate giant Donald Trump's book "Think like a billionaire" on the chapter on loyal friends, I remembered what our mother used to tell us: "your real best friend is your family" so be careful with other people. I've had many sad experiences in the past with people whom I thought were friends too but proved otherwise, however I have not closed my door to other people because on the other side I have more real friends than fake ones. I thank God for them, I believe in friends because a good friend is a blessing from God. They can save your day with just a smile when your day is cloudy, a simple text message when your phone is empty, an old funny love song, a simple poem, a prayer, an unexpected visit, a glance when no one seems to care for you, a glass of water when you're thirsty or upset, a little bread when you're hungry, and little things that only a real friend can do. For real friends are people who gives with out expecting anything in return. They apply the law of giving in their lives. You are lucky if you have friends like these. I feel so blessed that my brother and sister are among my best friends.

I can't imagine life without friends.

And friends come in different beings, colors, forms, and sizes too: some friends are human beings, some may be dogs, cats, fishes, birds, and for some- their plants and trees. But is there a friend greater than God our creator? You might ask why, can God be our friend? Yes my dear and we are the luckiest people if we are called "friends" by God. "How do we become friends of God?" I should refer you to my minister friends or I may borrow articles from them if anyone is interested about this topic. After all it's really worth it.


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Comment posted by preeti, 02/25/2010 at 7:47am (UTC):
nice...but i already got one!!!my best friend....

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