I find it hard to look at pictures that are of you and me
Its hard to think that someday the two of us may not be
When those thoughts go through my mind, I stop and realize
All the things we have done and how you opened up my eyes
When I feel like Im alone, youre the first person that I call
The only one who knows how to fix everything and all
You came into my life and I knew it from the start
No matter what may happen, you would always be in my heart
I know that I can go to you with anything I need
Youll  help me through my toughest times telling me I will succeed
You have the two best shoulders for me to lean and cry on
Wiping away all of my tears until they are gone
You know all of my wishes and you know my dreams
Reminding me theyre not as far away as they may seem
You are loyal, kind, and caring, and I know that this is true
My world wouldnt be as bright if I knew there were no you
If ever you need a friend to tell everything and all
Im just a few numbers away, so dont be afraid to call
If there were one thing to want from life, this is what it would be
To be as good a friend to you as you have been to me
I hope I made you smile when you were about to cry
I hope I comforted you when you wanted to just die
Our smiles and our laughter, our tears and all our sorrow
They mean just as much as knowing that we still have tomorrow
It is a gift knowing someone is gonna by your side
With this person, you will never have to hide
Looking at you makes me realize youre more than a friend,
And that you will be there with me until the very end
To you I want to say thanks for touching my life and leaving your mark
With you I know I will shine, even when in the dark
You are always there to help me, guiding me through the bends
That is why you will forever be my true best friend
Finding a friend like you is like finding a pot of gold
Something that can never be bought, something that can never be sold

Now I know you are hurt,the things that happened were too bad

But I am here,soo don’t be sad.

I will be there for you from morning to noon

And I will pray for you,please get well soon.



TO Preeti

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Comment posted by preeti, 03/26/2010 at 7:25pm (UTC):
m speechless

Comment posted by:03/08/2010 at 7:03am (UTC)

Just for you....get well soon...

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